Elephant Mother And Baby
Photographs and words by Crowpix Media
I came across a young African Elephant that was snacking on a diet of twigs, branches, and grass in the Kruger National Park savannah.
The young Elephant was following the herd but apart from its mother.
The young elephant continued to chew on a branch while strolling through the African bush.
When the baby Elephant reached the road crossing, it joined with its mother for protection. It seems by the protective actions of the matriarchal Elephant that the animals were aware of the potential dangers of the road, such as vehicles driving by.
The Elephant mother and baby stopped briefly on the road and waited for the rest of the herd to join them.
The Elephants formed a protective grouping with the most diminutive Elephants in the middle, surrounded by the more giant Elephants in the herd.
For a brief moment, the two most miniature Elephants appeared out of the protective formation and revealed themselves to the camera. The larger of the two baby Elephants had me in its sights and seemed a little surprised. The smallest Elephant baby is seen just behind it.
The Elephant herd left the road and made its way through the watering hole. The baby Elephants used their trunks to hold on tightly to their sibling's tails while crossing the water.
Finally, the herd walked gently into the bush and out of sight of my camera.
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