Funny Images of Hyenas: A Photo Story
What does a Spotted Hyena Look Like?
The name Spotted Hyena makes sense when you notice the spots on the animal's fur coatings. 
The Spotted Hyena is also known as the "laughing hyena" due to the "laughing-like call it makes.
Some Facts About The Spotted Hyena
Hyenas are related to the cat family, and their packs can be as large as 80 Hyenas in the wild. 
Female Hyenas are often more significant than the males and lead the Hyena packs. Hyenas are not hermaphrodites as often believed, although the females do have a pseudo-penis.
Hyenas can live for up to 25 years in the wild and are omnivorous, predators, and scavengers all in one.

I did an early morning game drive in the park and saw a clan of Hyena enjoying their morning activities on the road. It was a chilly morning, and the Spotted Hyenas gathered some precious heat from the tar's surface.

The Hyena pictured showed its curiosity towards our presence by approaching the vehicle with caution. We were under "Hyena inspection." 

A Hyena cub and its mother watch the curious antics of the other Hyenas from a safe distance in the bush. The look on both animals' faces is one of alarm and intrigue.

This Spotted Hyena is sniffing the plants. It is unclear what it is trying to sniff, but it is amusing and odd behaviour for a scavenger with a fearsome reputation.

There were multiple Hyenas sniffing plants in the area. These Spotted Hyenas were enjoying the aromas of the morning fauna and flora.

To the right, I notice other amusing behaviors from the Hyenas. This little Hyena is being shoved off the road by an elder for no apparent reason. It sure is entertaining to watch.

Further down the road, two Spotted Hyenas are mock fighting.

Fun and frivolity abound among the Hyena in the early morning, sighting upon the road of the reserve. I have never witnessed such pleasurable activity from a clan of Hyenas. It was eye-opening and made for a beautiful photo story to share.

The name Spotted Hyena makes sense when you notice the spots on the animal's fur coatings.

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