Lion, King of The Jungle
I arrived at the scene to discover a male Lion was having a royal time as "King of the jungle," lying on his back and frolicking in the dirt under a tree, as shown in the photograph above.

The male Lion was abruptly disturbed from midday frolicking by a herd of elephants passing by.

With an unexpected Elephant visit, the Lion sprung into action with an unpleasant surprise. Not much perturbs the "king of the jungle" except a herd of elephants in the immediate vicinity.

The male Lion was up in a flash and left the scene with a sense of urgency.

After being rudely disturbed from his midday pleasures, the Lion made his way steadily to another patch in the bush where he could rest his weary bones. And so he plodded off looking a bit upset at the disturbance.

Judging by the continuous roaring, the Lion seemed not too happy about being disturbed at his last resting spot.

The male Lion let off a few loud and commanding roars to let it be known that he was present before choosing a comfortable spot to lie down in the Savanah grass.

Once comfortable and settled, the male Lion let out a few more bellowing roars to assert his presence upon the surrounding wildlife. A herd of Impala nearby was alerted by the male Lion's presence after the roars. Luckily, he did not seem hungry at the time.
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